Spartak 1918 was created with you in mind. It is a blog to entertain those who love to bet on soccer matches online.

We know you are a proud fan of your favorite soccer team and would bet with anyone on their success. You know about the game and you have the ability to see through the obvious and predict how a match might end depending on a lot of factors.

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That is why you have decided to get into the world of online soccer betting. To put that passion and that knowledge into practice and maximize your skills to their full potential while you earn a very welcomed extra income.

But what we also know is that you could surely use a helping hand. To really make sure that the money you invest in soccer betting platforms is well spent you need to take into account many aspects:

Which betting websites to choose.

How to assure all of your information and your money are kept safe.

How to create and stick to a budget.

What tricks you can use to better predict the results of the game.

How you can isolate a specific factor and see how it weighs in the final result.

The team’s main strengths and weaknesses and how they compare to those of the opponents, among many other things.

We are committed to provide you with professional insights that will help leverage the success of your soccer betting experience.

To do that, we have created a category in the site called Betting Guides where you can find simple, concise, relevant and updated information on everything from security to the impact of a star player.

Here, you have the tools to become an expert at betting!

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